Club Penguin new EPF mission walkthrough

Hi there,

This post is sooo late, I got annoyed with the game for this weeks mission!

Okay, here’s how it works

First, go to the EPF command room using your spy phone, as image one displays, then head over to the Field Ops panel, as image 2 shows.

When you have clicked continue, carry on to the recycling plant, and go over to the computer, as image 3 shows.

Play the game, and you have now earned yet another medal!

Image two reads:

Calling all agents!

Somebody is using a computer to attack our system! The scanner is holding… for now. Search the island with other agents for the computer responsible then shut it down. You must hurry!

Image 4 reads: Bypass the system!

Match your data with the firewall to break through! Be sharp. The system speeds up!

Taddle’s top tip for the game:

After each match, go back to the middle.

If I’ve made a mistake, or you would like to use any of my media without restrictions and the watermark, leave a comment. Also, what do you think of the new game? I don’t like it myself, I can’t complete it! I might actually make a complaint, for some computers, such as my old laptop, although are very fast, can’t keep up with the game, and it appears to skip frames in the flash movie (that might of seemed geeky for non-flash devs)

Thanks for reading

Taddle Iz Out.


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