Star in our Videos!

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In my last post, I mentioned Taddle TV, a new club penguin video series coming to youtube! We really need your help with it, I need an editor, and a few presenters to help me out every week, please make sure you have plenty of time on the computer and if you apply, mention a time range that you’d be able to help out. I don’t mind if you’re a member or not, if you’re a non-member, I’d love you to join, non members are always really king compared to some members, not saying that members are mean, just really, if you went a server with an even amount of members and non-members, you’d probably find that the nonmembers are kinder.

Please don’t debate about that, it’s just my opinion, if you do have a different opinion, I’d love you to tell me!

To apply, leave a comment using a valid email address, and in your name box, type in your penguin name, so i’ll be able to easily identify you. Also, don’t apply pretending to be somebody else, if I find this happens with you, I will ban you from visiting this website ever again.

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PS: As per usual, if you found the post directly on google, please browse around the site, and feel free to comment with any feedback, questions or anything else you want to say to me, as long as it is suitable, I will reply via email and I’ll add a bold section to your comment with my reply.


Latest EPF field-op walkthrough

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Just to let you know, from Monday, we’ll have daily updates!

Anyway, here’s the walk through.

As usual, visit the command room, and click the EPF panel to receive your orders.

This week, we have a serious problem! The beacon light could malfunction at any moment! If that happened, Rockhopper could come and crash again, and if that happens, we have to work instead of play treasure hunt.

First, you need to head over to the beacon, for you newer penguins, this can be done by opening your spy phone and clicking the penguin with swirls on him, then click beacon.

Next, go over to the light switch and your spy phone should start flashing.

Open up your spy phone, and start the game, after this point, I can’t help you, as the game changes round slightly for each different penguin who does it.

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Just to let you know, we’re currently looking for people to star in TaddleTV, a slowly building club penguin video series. Please comment if you’d like to join!