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Ask Taddle1


Here you can ask me anything. Just comment.


4 Responses

  1. Please help me become famous Thankyou
    P.S. yes im a member
    Go to the page become famous. To be like aunt arrtic where nagent glasses from the f.i.s.h and any pink hat as long as it does not stick out to the sides. I can also suggest you get a blog at and start posting about things on Club Penguin. If you choose my way comment here again and I will let you use some pages. Please tell me which ones you would like.

  2. I will email you cheats if you want or I will email you other stuff whats your email?
    I don’t want them

  3. I can email updates to you anytime. Whats your email? My email was required if you see it email it to say If I can email updates!

  4. could you give me a member account? i mean if you wnat that is….
    Sorry if i made you mad


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