Here are a couple of cheats for you:

Catch the big fish in ice fishing

This is a simple cheat all you have to do is leave the last fish on the hook and move towards the mullet and there you have the big fish.

Cheats for astro barrier

After level 10 wait 25 – 30 seconds until a blue ship appears then shoot it and you have unlocked secret levels. On the menu screen press 1 to go to level 10, 2 to go to level 20 and 3 to go to level 30. Make sure you shoot all targets on the screens.

Pizzarotan 3000 dessert mode

Click on the red lever on the menu

Farting noise

Press e then t to make a fating noise

Crying puffle

To do this do the puffle emote the press the += key on your key board your puffle is now crying


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  1. هاي قايز انا داشه عرض ادري لوول بس رفيجاتي قالولي خوش موقع وحلو حبيت اشووفه
    Translation:Hai Qaiz I know Dashh offer, but Wall Rvijati Qalouli khosheh site and wanted to Ashwoovh Helw

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