How to get a lot of hits

This page shows you how to get lot’s of hits




Before you do anything read this to learn how to write the best posts.

When you read do you like to feel like that they know you?

Of course you do (if you visit that blog regularly or read that book often.) So your readers feel the same use some of these greetings when you post (one per post)

  • Hey,
  • Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
  • Hi pengs,
  • Hi pengs of the Antartic (that’s where penguins live.)

More are coming


Use those but don’t use these

  •  Good morning
  • Hi ya
  • Evening
  • What’s up

Also use your own text when writing not billybobs you should use his pictures as they come directly from the team and as straw000 say’s” pictures are like a million words.”

Before I go on to pages just remember if you have a blog or a site on freewebs you can preview pages so do it because with certain templates or on Word press, themes hover over work like it used to do to on this blog and my freewebs site.




Pages can be the most important part of your blog or site in fact some sites only have one page that is the homepage but it is very detailed, this is what all of your pages should be like detailed but that doesn’t mean you need to go and delete all of your pages and make your home pages as good and perfect as all of your other pages put to gether it just means to make all of your pages as perfect as each other.  Also use a lot of pictures on pages but don’t put them in a boring style like this:




The reason you shouldn’t put them like that is because……It’s boring here is an example of a good version


That was the best you and I can do on word (my text editor)

It’s much better than the way I see other bloggers and webmasters do it because it’s not in a list it’s a bit different. The ninja guide can’t be found on this blog or anywhere yet but it will soon be a widget leading to my ninja guide page.



It’s always fun to add a few extras to attract more readers try and use these extras by going to the site stated

Video Games

Blog toplist link

Top Blogs

Vote link

You can also do polls using poll daddy

here is a good poll fo you to vote on

Heres a bad one

It’s bad becuase

  1. No s’s
  2. No spaces
  3. Old is spelt ols

Well that’s all pleasse comment


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  1. hey these are good ideas.

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